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  • The stamping outer ring needle roller clutch is the same as the outer ring wheel overrunning clutch. The needle roller is a locking element. The utility model is composed of a thin-wall stamping outer ring, a cage, a special-shaped spring embedded in the cage and a locking element needle roller installed in the cage.

    The special-shaped spring makes the needle stick to the eccentric arc working face of the inner diameter of the stamping outer ring all the time. Because the quality of the needle is very small, it allows a higher conversion frequency and has a high reverse locking accuracy. Commonly used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, household appliances, light industry machinery and testing equipment. The constant torque is 0.34n · m ~ 121n · m, suitable for high speed, generally 3900 ~ 34000r / min. When using this kind of clutch, the hardness of the shaft used by users should reach HRC58-62.

    Drawn Cup Roller Clutches